I'm raising money to fund a few brilliantly diverse productions in support of the movement TIMES UP, BAME & LGBTQ talent, East Asian Culture and Women in film.


But I cannot do this without your help.

Not only would your kind donations be used to help in the process of pre production and post production, expenses of the shoot and research & development, but it will offer those less advantaged in the creative industry a chance to make an impact on not only their lives but others too.

I will be fundraising for the following productions:

  • NATY - Feature Film

  • RECALL- Short Film

  • LIFE'S A DRAG - Short Film

  • POURING TEA - Spoken Word Short Film

  • THE TICKET - Short Film

I whole heartedly believe in telling genuine stories and adapting these into a beautiful moving image. I long to tell you important stories, to offer equal opportunity in cultures, genders and to allow those to voice real experiences.

I'm greatly inspired to use my skills as an Actor to tell visually moving stories, using unique story telling techniques, original music and cinematic camera shots and transitions.


Jodie Davey Creates