With Jodie Davey Creates I want to bring to the world my own upcoming production company called

Halo-halo Productions

Halo-halo, meaning 'mix mix' in Tagalog, derives from a very popular Filipino desert that consists of a mixture of ingredients. Some sweet, some savoury, some unexpected. The desert stems from a variety of cultures and dates back through out East Asian history throughout various different cultures. 

With Halo-halo Productions I want to be able to:







  • and everything else in between

I'm raising money to fund a few short films and one Feature film.

The money will be used to fund production costs such as Crew, Talent, Pre production and Post production value costs, location hire, equipment hire, travel, catering and everything in between that helps create a smooth and professional film production.

So we need YOUR help.

 As Halo-halo Productions is a new upcoming company with no investors, partnerships, backing distributors so far, any help from anyone interested to backing us up will be grateful appreciated and your help will not go un noticed.

Your kind donations will not only help fund the production side of things, but it will help offer those with less advantage, those from under represented backgrounds in the creative industry a chance to make a creative impact in their journey.




HALO-HALO Productions
will be fundraising for the following productions:

  • NATY - Feature Film
    NATY (Title in development) will explore the journey of one filipino woman from a small province in the Philippines, Kalinga, Tabuk. The film will explore the importance of family, the trials and tribulations of poverty, domestic abuse and the strength and resilience of women. From Philippines to Singapore to the Western World, this story based on true events will expose the strength of womanhood.

  • RECALL- Short Film
    Recall is a short film in the very early stages of pre production. Recall is a short film inspired by Anton Chekhov's dramatic play 'The Seagull'. Recall will follow the narrative of a young woman who battles the importance of her dreams and reality of taking to the stage. In the journey of following her heart, could her dreams become a living nightmare when others step in the way of her achievements? 

    Help fund this film to find out more!

  • LIFE'S A DRAG - Short Film
    LIFE'S A DRAG is an experimental short film which will explore the relationship between two human in search of their true identity. Their misunderstanding of eachother and them selves may be the very miracle they have been waiting for. 
    This film will fully support the LQBTQ+ community and will provide equal opportunity to those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Halo-Halo Production aims to bring to light the true experiences to screen from those who wish to tell their story.


  • POURING TEA - Spoken Word Short Film
    'Pouring Tea, that's me' is the very essence of what Jodie Davey was feeling during the latter of her retail career. Pouring Tea is an original spoken word piece inspired by true events and emotions of a struggling artist.
    This film will be a very short experimental film that will blend theatrical dramatisation with screen technique and production. Set in a bustling cafe, various waiters will feel pressure of the clock ticking until the end of their shift. Will they reach their epiphany in time?
    Let us pour the tea for you.

  • THE TICKET - Short Film

The Ticket explores the narrative of a troubled young man who is desperate for the answer of his fate. With one lottery ticket in hand, and conflict of interest in the other, with no faith in a higher power, he finds solace in unfamiliar territory in a church where he finds comfort although in solitude. He finds his demons returning to his santuary begging him to come back. Can he defeat them? Will he find the ticket out of there?

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