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As an actor I know how important it is to find the right headshot photographer for you. 

I believe it's very important to capture and convey an accurate representation of an Actor as an individual and creative, to allow them to be represented truthfully on screen and in the audition room.

What to wear?

A variety in neck lines, colours, layers and textures all add to a great photo.

Most importantly wear something that resonates you as an individual.

Make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear as this represents you!

After all, Casting Directors want to make sure they see a truthful representation of your persona and character.

What happens in a Headshot shoot?

I always like to keep my shoots nice, relaxed and fun with lots of chatter to get to know each other.

I can help and give direction on the shoot to help you feel comfortable and to ease you in to the shots.

When can I expect my Headshots?

After the shoot, you will receive your shots via an online link to view and make a selection.

After this, you can expect your headshots edited and retouched in both B/W and colour within 1-2 weeks from the shoot date.

Can I upload them to Spotlight?

Of course!
Just pop in the name of the photographer 'JODIE DAVEY CREATES' and you'll be ready to go.

Ready to get booking? 
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