I have always been inspired by the perfect components of mise-en-scene, music, transition and Auteur style choices.

I am actively seeking new styles and I use my knowledge from acting in film and theatre to craft my own stories.

I'm thoroughly inspired and moved by indie film and psychological dramas. 

I am motivated by real stories and I use these as a base to create theatrically moving films.

I go hand in hand capturing candid moments that usually get missed and I thrive in the unknown. Improvisation can sometimes truly bring the emotion out of what you're trying to tell in the narrative.


I am currently writing and researching for various upcoming productions.

These include:

  • Naty- Feature Film​
    This film follows the narrative of a Filipino girl who is born and raised in 
    the Kalinga province of Tabuk in the Philippines. 
    The story follows her as she dreams of the western world for a better life
    and works as hard as she can flying country to country in order to provide
    a long life dream for her Mother, a new home that she can call her own.


  • Pouring Tea- Short Spoken Word
    Pouring Tea depicts a cluster of Waiters and Waitresses who wait and wait and wait for their purpose in life. Hustling through the busy bustle of the cafe they all individually suffer. This is a spoken word experimental film written by Jodie Davey.


  • Recall- Short Drama
    Recall portrays the elusive suffering that some Actors may face in a fast paced industry where we obsess to compare and look at others instead of truly looking at ourselves. We follow the story of a young and fresh Actress from the country side who has recently moved to the Big Smoke, full of determination and wishes to make it, whatever it takes. We watch as she discovers what is fiction and what is not. 


Jodie Davey Creates can offer their services on showreels, Director of photography, assisting directing, post production editing and more.

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