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Need a showreel for your portfolio?

Do you have an idea of a scene you would like to explore?

Do you have an original piece of screen worthy content and just need someone to make the magic happen?

Do you want to appear on screen to show case your talent but don't know where to begin?

Look no further, let's craft your perfect showreel today!

Jodie Davey Creates can assist in directing you, film you solo or in a duologue, source scenes, edit and showcase all of your talent on screen.


MONOLOGUES - £150.00 

2 X Monologues (2 mins each)

Filmed either on location or with lights in a self tape fashion.
This can be shot in a small studio in Teddington or in the comfort of your own home.

You will receive 2 single edits of the Monologues and 1 composed edit with both scenes.

DUOLOGUES - £300.00

- Find a duologue you're interested in or
- Write your ow
n original script or
- Allow Jodie Davey Creates to tailor write you a script to your chosen genre at £25 more per script.

This price is the total fee and can be split between you and your scene partner.

Show reel Edit

£30 edit (delivery within 7 days)

£50 for express edit (delivery 1-2 days)

Get in touch with JODIE DAVEY CREATES if you need to spruce up your reel with new footage, create a complete showreel from scratch from footage you already have, or simply re-organise your showreel order.


Get in touch to discuss what you need!

Baguio City  2016  (147).jpg

Prices include fees of pre production and post production.

You will receive a single edit of your scene along with your choice of headshot and and spotlight pin (If applicable) 


Your showreel will be featured on Jodie Davey Creates website where Casting Directors can watch your work!​

To Book, for more information and advice on scenes contact 

Baguio City  2016  (147).jpg


Why do I need a showreel?

Showreels are central to demonstrating your skills on screen. Whether that be of a live performance captured on camera or a cinematic scene, your showreel is your tool for showcasing your acting ability. 

In simple terms, Casting Directors will take a look at your reel to watch how you gel on screen, how you react to your scene partner and to see how you may fit a character brief they are casting for.
So get creating and boast that talent of yours!

What Jodie Davey Creates do

Our small team at Jodie Davey Creates will storyboard your ideal showreel scenes and plan everything from shooting to editing.
Scenes are recommended to be of 1.5 - 2 minutes in length.

Jodie Davey Creates' crew is formed of primarily Jodie as the DOP and her trusty side kick of a sound recorder on shoot, usually a cosy crew of 2 people - so there's no need to feel jitters. We're fully supportive of you and we're here to help!


If you want an MUA on shoot feel free to arrange your own to come along to the shoot! Please note that the time taken for hair and make up will factor within the time frame Jodie Davey Creates allocates for the shoot on the day.

What do I have to prepare for my shoot?

The Actor is responsible for finding props to suit their scenes and character, costumes and location.

Location must be accessible with no charge for us to shoot in.  

Jodie Davey Creates can assist in finding the shoot location if you have any struggles.


How Long will it take?
Shoot time takes approximately 2-3 hours per scene.
We will rehearse on the day of the shoot prior to takes. We will direct you, plot movements and shoot your scenes until we have the perfect shot! We're fully open to collaborative ideas so please feel free and make it your own!


Take your time, relax into your character and let us take it from there! We can't wait to help you bring your scenes to life.

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